Reflections" regarding THE PATH TO COMMUNION (continued)

Prayer  ~~  "Come Spirit of Love!  Come that we may be one, as the Father and You are One.  One united with You!  


One united through our Baptism in FAITH and in LOVE!"

Permanent deacons

Deacons are integral part of the Catholic Church.  A deacon shares in the Sacrament of Holy Orders and may be either a permanent deacon or a transitional deacon.  

The permanent diaconate had always been an important part of the early Church but the rite had been eliminated when the Church felt that she had enough priests to carry out her daily duties.  In her wisdom, our Holy Mother Church restored the permanent diaconate to the Latin Church through the Second Vatican Counsel which met from 1962 until 1965.

Even though they both receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the difference between a permanent deacon and a transitional deacon is as follows ~~  

A permanent deacon will remain a deacon the rest of his life and may be married or unmarried.  

He may conduct the Sacrament of Baptism

officiate at the Sacrament of Matrimony 
(outside of the celebration of the Eucharist), 

conduct funerals, 
fill instructional roles 
during  Holy Mass, he has permission to read the Gospel and present homilies which he has prepared.



Our Holy Father observes that dioceses have differences in their ability to incorporate permanent deacons into their parishes. 

He is "filled with joy" how deacons "sustained by the grace of the Sacrament, in the ministry of the Liturgy, of the Word and of charity are at the service of the People of God, 
in communion with the Bishop and his priests." 

A transitional deacon is a man who is preparing for the priesthood.  

During the Sacrament of Holy Orders, he must be ordained a deacon which is to last only for a time, usually six months, after which  he will be ordained as a priest.  

After his ordination as a priest, he takes on the responsibility of celibacy and the recitation of the Divine Office.  The Divine Office is the common prayer of the Church which is said in union with the entire Church at certain times throughout the day.  

Over and above the responsibilities of a permanent deacon, the fully ordained priest may celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist, grant forgiveness of sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and administer the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.


Pope John Paul II strongly reminds us that in order for the permanent diaconate program to work well, there must be a ~~ 
"...careful selection process, solid formation and continuous attention to the suitability of the candidates, as well as constant concern for them once they are ordained, and in the case of married deacons, concern as well for their families, wives and children." 

Consecrated life

To consecrate ones life to God 
gives witness to the fact 
that God alone
 is enough to give fulfillment to that person's life! 

Our Holy Father feels that especially NOW it is important that consecrated or religious life be given more credit than it has in the recent past.

He reminds us that without the loving witness of Christ 
and the 
missionary work of countless religious in the 15th and 16th centuries, 
evangelization of America would never have been so effective. 


In this time of the NEW EVANGELIZATION of America, their dedicated service to all of God's people is no less important!

The STRENGTH of the Church, to a great extent, is due to the teaching, work and  labors of religious men and women
continues today
even though some religious orders are going through some transitions or changes in order to meet the needs of their various communities. 

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