Reflections" regarding THE PATH TO COMMUNION (continued)

Prayer  ~~  "Come Spirit of Love!  Come that we may be one, as the Father and You are One.  
One united with You!  


One united through our Baptism 
FAITH and in LOVE!"

Young people, the hope of the future

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 
leads us to her CHILDREN!  

It is the young people of the world which gives 

Our Holy Father points out that it is their experience 
with the encounter with the 
Living Jesus Christ
that gives hope to a greater 
and solidarity  
for the 
and all of SOCIETY!

Young people of every age are searching for the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE.  

It is for this reason that the Synod Fathers remind us that their 
spiritual formation 

That youth ministry MUST BE one of the first concerns of our pastors and communities. 

 Pope John Paul II states that many youths, in their search for the true meaning of life are "...thirsting for God but quite often they lack the conditions needed to take advantage of their abilities and realize their aspirations."

Many of our young people today feel frustrated because they may find it difficult to find employment or prospects for the future appear discouraging.  

These feelings may lead our young people to withdrawal and depression, or actually acting out with violence 
to others or even themselves!

 Many times these feelings lead to their abandoning their search for God,
thinking He does not really exist!  

That is why our Holy Father stresses the importance of the 
being "committed to maintaining her pastoral and missionary commitment to young people so that they will encounter the LIVING JESUS CHRIST!" 

"Let the children come unto Me., and do not hinder them; 
for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven."
(Matthew Chapter 19, verse 4)

The Synod Fathers acknowledge that throughout many parishes 
there are "programs for Christian families, catechesis, Catholic educational institutions and community life in parishes, 


 there are many others, 
especially among those affected by various kinds of poverty
who remain outside the range of the Church's activity" 

That is why it is definitely important 
"Young Christians, trained to have a mature missionary consciousness, MUST BECOME APOSTLES TO THEIR CONTEMPORARIES."  

The Synod Fathers believe "There is need for pastoral outreach to young people wherever they are found:  in schools, universities, the workplace, the countryside, with appropriate adaptation to their particular inclinations" or personal likings.

At the diocesan level, pastoral outreach should be encouraged. 
In this outreach peers or people so trained, would seek out the youth and engage them in discussions
making sure that programs already established between various local dioceses, and internationally, are being utilized.  

Unfortunately, Our Holy Father observes that today, as in the past, there are "those youths who do not grow out of their adolescent attitudes and find it difficult to take on serious and lasting responsibilities."


In response to this lack of maturity, 
our young people need to be invited to have courage and they need to be trained to appreciate the value of life-long commitments such as the  


consecrated life

 and Christian married life."

Be assured that the youth in America are
Our Blessed Mother's 

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