"Reflections" regarding THE PATH TO SOLIDARITY

Prayer  ~~  "Come Spirit of Love!  

Come that as a result of our CONVERSION 

a complete unity of all the peoples 
on this great
may take place!

That beginning with 

never before seen 
on the face of this earth
may result!



Social sins which "cry" to Heaven

The Church's social doctrine (see previous page) 
  brings into focus the 

social sins
which "cry" to Heaven 

because ~~

 these sins lead to violence 
disrupt peace and harmony ~~

  • between communities within single nations, 

  • between different nations and 

  • between the different regions of the continent!  

The Synod Fathers remind us that,

"The sins, themselves, 
are the 
sign of a deep crisis
caused by the loss of a sense of God 


the absence of those moral principles which should guide the life of every person." 

These sins are a symptom that there is a 
grave illness, 
within the 
Continent of America.  

Some of the symptoms of this grave illness are seen in the 

illegal drug trade, 
the recycling of illicit money, 
at every level, 
the arms race, 
racial discrimination, 
between social groups and 
the senseless destruction of nature!

Today, throughout America, there appears to be a 
structural system 
places us socially, 

purely by what we are able to accomplish economically!  

The Holy Father calls this 
distorted social system

The sad truth about 
type of social system 
is that 
"...this system considers profit
and the 
law of the market
as its only parameters, 
to the detriment 
of the dignity of, and the respect due to 
and peoples." 

Unfortunately, this system also leads to the justification of certain 
distorted attitudes and
 distorted behavior within the 
social and political areas of societies~~ 

which directly leads to the neglect of our less privileged members of society!


that is why we are seeing the poor members of society constantly increasing in numbers!

We must also be firm supporters of a 
truly democratic society!  

  • A truly democratic society is one in which the political power is given directly to the us or to our elected representatives.  

  • It is a society where it is our privilege and duty as citizens to participate equally in free elections

  • A democratic system is one in which we have greater control over  potential abuses that lead to the sins which "cry" to Heaven.  

Our Holy Father feels that the best response to this tragic situation would be for us to 
solidarity and peace 
with a
final goal of achieving real justice!  

In order for this to happen, 
we must be sure to take the time to acknowledge and give ongoing support
to those who are in public administrative positions of finances and justice within our communities and government.  


The Church in America realizes that in order to encourage the formation of democratic societies within the continent, she must, 

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